Use Apps and Web services securely - encrypt your files in Dropbox, your posts on Facebook or Instagram, or make your Google Docs unaccessible for "Big Brother." Encrypt you TikTok or anonimize your OnlyFans experience
HOGO introduces you secure Web3 wraps for your favorite Web2 apps.
Use Meta Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, or any other messenger with p2p encryption. Only users who entered the code will see the message. For everyone else, it will look like nonsense.
Web3 wraps
HOGO DAO: Become a part of the product and participate in decision-making
Team & experience
Our team has implemented a series of successful projects, including Fondom Project and - a technological basis for Hogo.
Cybersecurity troubleshooter for companies and private individuals, founder of SSG (Security Services Group LLC), which develops products for cyber resilience and has expertise in digital and mobile forensics.
Co-developer of a secure messenger and smartphone and took part in many conferences on cyber defense and cyber intelligence.
Yurii Melashchenko CEO
All your apps
and messengers
in one interface
Send crypto via social media username
Data integrity
(be sure that data is not corrupted or modified)
Cross-platform verification via
Chat, edit store
and transfer files securely
HOGO is a Web3 encryption solution for apps and messengers with built-in wallet and DID NFT feature
Web3 wraps for Web2 apps
Blockchain technologist. Founding member of multiple crypto companies specialized in Solana, Ethereum and Polkadot. Early adopter of Monero and CryptoNote. Active blockchain community member, speaker on blockchain conferences.
Andrey Zubko
Vote for a product release schedule
Take part in
partnership involvement
Enable premium features
Lend storage
HOGO introduces multi-level decentralized verification tool - HOGO ID. HOGO ID is confirmed once and can be approved again with microtransaction at any time.

With cross-platform concept of HOGO, it becomes universal verification tool for all the most popular apps, messengers and platforms.
Use Hogo wallet for secure P2P payments, cross-chain transactions, or social tips. Set up blockchain-based 2FA, and store your asset securely with the HOGO wallet